British Man Runs Backyard Marathon During Lockdown

CHELTENHAM, England (AP) — Being stuck at home didn’t stop a British man from running an outdoor marathon.

James Campbell, a former professional javelin thrower, spent his 32nd birthday on Wednesday doing 20-foot shuttles from one end of his small backyard to the other after promising to run a marathon if one of his Twitter messages received 10,000 retweets.

Raising funds for the NHS, James Campbell runs a charity marathon Wednesday in his back yard in Cheltenham, England, while the country is in lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus. The former international athlete will take over 7,000 shuttles back and forth to finish the 26.2-mile marathon in the seven-meter space. (Jacob King/PA via AP)

By the time Campbell completed the marathon in just over five hours, he had raised more than $22,000 for Britain’s National Health Service to help battle the coronavirus pandemic.

The effort — labeled the #6metregardenmarathon — was live-streamed,  with former England soccer great Geoff Hurst among the viewers. Neighbors poked their heads over the backyard fence to give Campbell encouragement.

Campbell ran across a patch of grass, some stones and a small patio in 20-foot stretches. He calculated he would have to traverse his yard at least 7,000 times to reach 26.2 miles.

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