Brides & Grooms Abandoned in Brooklyn

     BROOKLYN (CN) – The first of many expected lawsuits against a popular but suddenly shuttered wedding venue in a trendy part of Brooklyn has been filed in Kings County Court.
     Nancy Nienberg sued Jason Stevens, Fulton Ferry Market and ReBar, the namesake of the popular venue that closed unexpectedly.
     Nienberg claims she paid Stevens $34,000 to host her wedding, though Stevens knew he would close up shop last week and that he “would not proceed pursuant to the terms of the parties’ agreement.”
     “Stevens’ actions were intentional, egregious and with malice aforethought and as a result, plaintiff is entitled to punitive damages,” Nienberg says in the complaint.
     Stevens sent an email to his workers earlier this month saying that the popular DUMBO venue was “bankrupt and closed,” according to media reports.
     Dozens of workers were left in the lurch without paychecks after the venue’s sudden closure, and even more prospective brides and grooms found themselves without a venue to get hitched after booking the venue months in advance.

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