Bravo’s ‘Reality’ TV Show|Defamed Her, Woman Says

     PASADENA (CN) – NBC Universal and Bravo TV defamed a woman by setting her up for a so-called “reality” TV show, “Welcome to the Parker,” and when she refused to sign a release, they lied to her and promised the embarrassing, “despicable” material would not be broadcast – then broadcast it anyway, the woman claims in Superior Court.

     Alisa Kimble also sued Snackaholic, which filmed the “reality” show, and her former employer, The Parker Palm Springs, and her former boss, Thomas Meding.
     Kimble claims the defendants set her up for an incident in November 2006 that was intentionally misrepresented in their August 2007 broadcast.
     The incident purported to show that Kimble kept a customer waiting for more than half an hour, followed by a “despicable” incident, after which Meding and The Parker allegedly fired her.
     Kimble says the broadcast was wholly a put-up job, that she left The Parker voluntarily, on good terms, and that it owed and still owes her $7,000 in expenses, and that NBC manipulated its film to make it appear that she cried after Meding fired her.
     She claims that she agreed to sign Snackaholic’s release “only after crossing out many of its provisions.” In response, she says, Snackaholic agreed not to broadcast the key incident, but did broadcast it.
     She demands punitive damages for defamation, misrepresentation, breach of contract, and money paid – the $7,000.
     She is represented by Thomas Ogden of Pasadena.

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