BP Covering Up Toxic Leaks, Say Workers

GALVESTON (CN) – More than 100 employees were exposed to toxic substances and hospitalized after leaks at BP North America’s Texas City plant, and the company is trying to cover it up by denying that the incidents ever happened and calling them “a hoax by ‘disgruntled workers,'” six workers claim in Galveston County Court.

     Plaintiffs claim, “On April 10 and April 19, 2007, unidentified toxious [sic] substances were released into the air at the BP Plant, sending more than 100 workers to the hospital for treatment and decontamination. In response to inquiries, BP claims that there is ‘no evidence of a leak of any kind.’ A BP spokesman has even suggested to the press that the entire incident may be a hoax by ‘disgruntled workers.’ BP’s latest safety problems and efforts to cover them up are part of a series of blunders at the Texas City Plant. BP’s refusal to identify the toxious substances makes treatment of those exposed difficult, and adds to the stress caused to the plaintiffs by the incident itself.”
     The six plaintiffs claim they have not filed a class action, “at this point, [though] many more workers at the plant are experiencing the same issues as are being experienced by plaintiffs, but at this time have chosen not to initiate suit, in fear of retaliation by their employers.”
     Fifteen workers were killed and 180 injured in a 2005 explosion at BP’s Texas City refinery and chemical plant.
     Plaintiffs in this case are represented by Anthony Buzbee.

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