Boxer’s Widow Sues Top Rank for $1 Million

LAS VEGAS (CN) – The promoter and widow of former world boxing champ Diego Corrales demand $1 million from Top Rank for a nonchampionship pay-per-view bout that they say cost them income because the competitor failed to make weight.

     Gary Shaw Productions and Michelle Corrales say the boxer and Jose Castillo signed on for a rematch after Corrales defeated Castillo for the WEB lightweight title via TKO in May 2007.
     Castillo failed to make weight for the rematch, and a member of his entourage tried to manipulate the scale by placing a foot under it, according to the complaint.
     The trick was discovered on the spot by the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who stopped the activity, according to the complaint in Clark County Court.
     Castillo’s trainer screamed to the crowd and the attendant media that “the fight is off,” causing confusion, the complaint states.
     Corrales agreed to fight Castillo in a non-championship bout, and was knocked out.
     Corrales’ promoter claims it was “financially damaged” because the number of pay-per-view buys was reduced, as the bout was not a championship fight, and customers were not sure it would even take place.
     The promoter also says Top Rank tried to avoid paying a court-ordered garnishment of $1.6 million for unpaid earnings from two separate fights by transferring money to a third party.
     Castillo died in a car crash near his Las Vegas home on May 7, 2007 – two years to the day after his first fight with Castillo.
     Plaintiffs are represented by William Wolfbrandt.

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