Boxer Says ‘Rocky’ Franchise Owes Him $1.5M

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Antonio Tarver, a professional boxer who played Mason Dixon, Rocky Balboa’s opponent in the sixth “Rocky” movie, says the filmmakers owe him $1.5 million in bonuses. Tarver, an IBF heavyweight champion, claims the producers of the 2006 movie “Rocky Balboa” promised him six bonuses, each triggered by progressive distribution profit levels.

     Although the movie made a reported $191 million – more than the highest goal of six and a half times the cost of production – Tarver says, the defendants withheld his bonuses.
     Tarver and the marketing firm Shout Out sued Sylvester Stallone’s company, Rogue Marble Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Revolution Studios Distribution Co. in Superior Court.
     Tarver is represented by Steven Rich with Greenfield & Rich.

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