Both Spouses Work in 48 Percent of Couples in 2015

     (CN) – Among married-couple families in 2015, both the husband and wife were employed in 48 percent of families, the federal government says.
     According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 19.8 percent of married-couple families only the husband was employed, and in 7.1 percent only the wife was employed last years..
     In 2015, the share of families with an employed member was 80.3 percent, up by 0.2 percentage point from 2014.
     Families maintained by women with no spouse present remained less likely to have an employed member (75.0 percent) than families maintained by men with no spouse present (82.9 percent) or married-couple families (81.4 percent), the agency said.
     These statistics were culled are from the agency’s “Current Population Survey.” For the sake of comparison, the bureau defines a family as a group of two or more people living together who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption.
     Families are classified as married-couple families or as families maintained by women or men without spouses present.

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