Boston Globe’s Mass Mailer Faces Class Action

WILMINGTON, Del. (CN) – The Boston Globe’s junk mail division bought drivers’ personal information from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, an unhappy ad recipient says in a federal class action. The man claims that Globe Direct, the direct mail unit of Boston Globe Media, violated the Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

     The law, Matthew Downing says, prohibits junk mailers from obtaining the names and addresses of millions of nonconsenting motor vehicle registrants and using the information to send them commercial advertisements.
     The Drivers Privacy Protection Act permits such solicitations “if the State has obtained the express consent of the person to whom such personal information pertains,” which it has not done in his case, Downing says.
     Downing’s complaint does not state who provided Globe Direct with the information. He wants Globe Direct permanently enjoined from using class members’ personal information to send commercial advertisements.
     Class counsel is Norman Monhait with Rosenthal Monhait & Goddess, and Edward Haber with Shapiro Haber of Boston.

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