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     CLAYTON, Mo. (CN) – A construction boss offered a worker a house and a car to lie under oath in a criminal case accusing him of secretly videotaping women in the company bathroom, a woman claims in court.
     Samantha Frick sued Brian W. Spear and Spear Construction, in St. Louis County Court.
     Frick claims Brian Spear began sexually harassing her during her job interview in February 2011, when he asked her to stand up and turn around so he could “look at her butt.”
     Frick says she took the job because she was in a financial bind. She claims the sexual harassment continued almost daily until she was fired on April 17, 2012.
     She claims the harassment escalated after another employee found that Spear was secretly videotaping women using the company bathroom.
     Frick says in the complaint that Spear admitted to Crestwood police that he had recorded images of women with a hidden camera. But she says Spear told her that the woman had made it up.
     Frick claims she was served a subpoena in the co-worker’s case, and that Spear encouraged her to lie and refuse to cooperate in that case or a related criminal case.
     “Spear offered to buy a house in south St. Louis County and let plaintiff live in it ‘rent free’ or ‘real cheap’ or to rent her an apartment if she would agree to not cooperate and/or lie in the former employee’s civil lawsuit and in his criminal case,” the complaint states.
     It continues: “Spear also offered to buy plaintiff a new SUV if she would agree to not cooperate and/or lie in the former employee’s civil lawsuit and in his criminal case.
     “Spear and the other office of his company also offered to give plaintiff cash if she would agree not to cooperate and/or lie in the former employee’s civil lawsuit and in his criminal case.”
     Frick claims she reported Spear’s conduct to his now ex-wife Jenna Spear, who was also an officer in the company. She claims that Jenna Spear did nothing and shortly afterwards, Frick was fired.
     Before the criminal accusations, Brian Spear frequently made comments about Frick’s physical appearance, especially about her breasts and butt, according to the complaint. Frick claims Brian Spear asked if she like sex toys and told her that he would like to show her how to use his favorite sex toys.
     Frick claims the harassment escalated when Brian Spear required her to attend a dinner at a Chili’s restaurant in November 2011.
     “Inside the Chili’s restaurant, Spear, while seated facing plaintiff, suddenly placed his foot on plaintiff’s vaginal area without her consent,” the complaint states.
     It continues: “After Spear placed his foot on plaintiff’s vaginal area, plaintiff got up and left the restaurant, only to be followed to the parking lot by Spear.
     “Spear followed plaintiff to her car which was parked on the Chili’s lot near his van.
     “Spear grabbed plaintiff, forcibly kissed her on the mouth and when she tried to escape his grasp, he attempted to force her into his van.
     “Plaintiff resisted Spear and repeatedly told him to stop, to let go of her, and that she wanted to leave, but he persisted in his attack, telling plaintiff he wanted to take her to an adult sex boutique store in Fenton [Mo.] so he could buy some sex toys to use on her and show her how to use them.
     “Eventually plaintiff was able to free herself from Spear’s grasp, get into her car and leave the Chili’s parking lot.”
     Frick claims Brian Spear offered to buy her a car if she didn’t tell anyone what he did. She says she thought about resigning then, but needed the job to provide for her child. Frick says Brian Spear promised the harassment would stop, but instead it got worse.
     Frick seeks actual and punitive damages for employment discrimination, retaliation, negligent supervision, negligent failure to provide security, invasion of privacy by tortious intrusion upon seclusion, assault, battery and fraudulent transfers.
     She is represented by W. Christopher McDonough of Chesterfield, Mo.

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