Bosnian Refugee Camp Called ‘Dangerous and Inhumane’

BIHAC, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Doctors Without Borders is warning that refuge-seekers trying to reach Western Europe are living in “dangerously cold and harsh conditions” in Bosnia, where tensions have mounted over the influx of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty.

Refugees wait for food from the Red Cross in the Vucjak refugee camp outside Bihac, Bosnia, on Friday. (AP photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Doctors Without Borders on Friday warned that the improvised Vucjak refugee camp in northwestern Bosnia does not meet minimum living standards, describing it as a “dangerous and inhumane place.”

Bosnia has been overwhelmed by the influx of thousands of people fleeing violence or poverty in their home countries. Most flock to the northwest section of the Balkan country, which borders European Union member Croatia.

This has led to tensions in the border region, with authorities there demanding that other parts of the country share the burden.

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