Boomer Web Site Was A Bust

     MILWAUKEE (CN) – Boomertowne, a Web site aimed at 79 million baby boomers, “is basically worthless” because of its developer’s “breaches, incompetence and misrepresentations,” Concierge Web claims in Superior Court. Concierge says it paid Laughlin/Constable $5.8 million after Laughlin claimed the site would get 3.6 billion hits and earn $36.6 million in its first 14 months – forecasts that were “ridiculously inflated and had no connection to reality.”

     Concierge says Laughlin misrepresented its expertise in Web site advertising, and eventually suggested turning Boomertowne “into a ‘dating service'” that would “generate following through a ‘trivia contest'” and sell “Boomertowne hats, mugs and knickknacks.”
     In its first 14 months, Concierge says, the site got less than 2 million hits, fewer than 723,000 unique visitors, and earned less than $300,000. Concierge says it spent a total of $9 million on the site for these paltry returns.
     Concierge demands punitive damages for fraud, deceptive advertising, misrepresentation, breach of contract and negligence. It is represented by Hale & Wagner.

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