Bojangles’ Says Hardee’s Copped Trademarks in Cajun Biscuit Battle

(CN) – A legal battle is heating up between two of America’s most well-known fast-food restaurants over the trademarks of their spicy Cajun sandwiches.

In a federal complaint filed in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, Bojangles’ International claims Hardee’s Restaurants is infringing on two of its longstanding trademarks related to its various Cajun biscuit products.

Bojangles’ says it has been using the name “Cajun Spiced Chicken” Biscuit since 1976 and registered it in 1981.

It goes on to say it began to use another mark, “GOTTAWANNANEEDAGETTAHAVA” in 2003, and registered it in 2011.

Bojangles’ claims that beginning on June 29, Hardee’s began using similar trademarks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on billboards in the state, menu boards, signs and television ads, all in an effort to intentionally mislead and confuse the public.

After receiving the cease and desist letter, the complaint says, Hardee’s removed the slogan from its site and changed the name of its spicy sandwich to “Cajun Chicken Biscuit.”

Bojangles’ seeks injunctive relief, unspecified damages and an accounting of all profits made during the advertising campaign.

It is represented by Alice Richey of the Alexander Ricks law firm in Charlotte.

A representative of Hardee’s could not immediately be reached for comment.

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