Bogus! Texas Tells Tanning Salon

     AUSTIN (CN) – A tanning salon deceives the public by claiming that “indoor tanning reduces the risk of breast cancer,” and pushing the false claim on YouTube, state prosecutors say in Travis County Court. The Darque Tan salon also makes the ridiculous claim that “UVB from tanning converts cholesterol into vitamin D,” the state says.

     Texas sued Darque Tan and Segler Enterprises and their principals, Robbie Segler, Monica Jones and Jason Jones.
     Texas says the defendants’ tanning devices are not FDA-approved for “either delivering doses of vitamin D or reducing the risk of cancer.” Therefore, the defendants cannot “use or advertise the use of their tanning devices for any purpose other than tanning the skin.”
     The state seeks a permanent injunction, costs and fines of up to $45,000 a day.

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