Bob Marley’s Guitar in Court

     MANHATTAN (CN) – The bass player who founded the Wailers with Bob Marley claims a promoter consigned to Christie’s auction house the guitar that Marley played on his last tour, then gave to him as a gift. Aston Barrett says Angus Reid promised to hold for him the Yamaha SG-1000 guitar with brown sunburst finish, then consigned it to Christie’s behind his back.

     Barrett says Marley gave him the guitar after Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “final worldwide tour” in 1979. Marley died in 1981.
     Barrett says Reid consigned the guitar to Christie’s far sale at the Nov. 24 auction. Christie’s postponed the auction of the guitar, but won’t deliver it, Barrett says. He demands the guitar, and/or $50,000. He is represented in New York County Court by Ivan Saperstein.

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