Blue Cross Denies Life-Saving Device,|’Brittle Diabetic’ Woman Claims

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Independence Blue Cross unfairly denied a woman with a potentially fatal form of diabetes a glucose-monitoring machine that could save her life, she claims in state court.

     Amy Deisher says she is a “brittle diabetic,” whose “blood glucose is subject to drastic and unpredictable spikes and drops.” She says the condition subjects her to “sudden coma, seizure or death.” She must test her blood sugar “up to eleven times a day” with a “finger stick glucose monitor,” and treat it, if necessary, with an insulin pump, she says.
     Deisher says her endocrinologist prescribed a “CGMS device,” a continuous glucose monitor, but Independence refuses to cover it, calling it “experimental or investigational”. Deisher says that claim is “inconsistent and arbitrary.” She claims another Independence Blue Cross policyholder has been covered for the device.
     She demands that the device be covered. She also sues Keystone Health Plan, an affiliate and agent of Independence Blue Cross. She is represented by Robert Bellwoar.

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