Blood Spilled in Class for Concealed-Carry Permit

     LANCASTER, Ohio (CN) – A police trainer overseeing classes for concealed-weapons permits shot one of his students, a couple claims in court.
     The trainer in question, Terry Dunlap Sr., has a checkered past, according to the complaint filed on Aug. 6 in the Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas.
     “While apparently licensed, qualified and/or certified to teach concealed weapons carry classes, [Dunlap has] “a history of having previously negligently discharged a firearm and injuring another, of domestic violence allegations, and of disregard for zoning laws in the conduct of firearms instructions,” the complaint states.
     Michael and Alison Piemonte, of Pataskala, Ohio, say the shooting occurred in an Aug. 10, 2013, session of the program in which they enrolled to obtain an Ohio concealed weapons permit.
     Alison says she heard the gun pop in the classroom and then “observ[ed] her husband, seated next to her, struck by the bullet from the gun.”
     “The shooting was the culmination of numerous negligent acts, including but not limited to bringing a loaded weapon into the classroom and/or failing to unload and/or disable the weapon, pointing the weapon in plaintiff’s direction, and discharging the weapon in the classroom,” the complaint states.
     Dunlap is the president of the Central Ohio Police Officers Training Academy, the Piemontes say.
     The class where Dunlap shot Piemonte was held at the Central Ohio Coon Hunters Association, according to the complaint.
     The Piemontes seek damages for negligence and infliction of emotional distress.
     They are represented by Tracy Comisford of Granville, Ohio.

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