Blizzard Rips East Coast

(CN) – A blizzard with howling winds wreaked havoc on the East Coast today, closing courts and major airports, stopping Amtrak trains and disrupting traffic from the Carolinas up to Maine. Six governors declared states of emergency.

     An accountant in Manhattan, where the blizzard dumped 20 inches of snow on Central Park, told Courthouse News he tried to walk to work this morning, but turned back due to 50 mph winds that made it impossible to see where he was going.
     Both major airports were closed in New York City, as was Newark International and Manchester airport in New Hampshire. More than 2,000 flights were canceled, and flights are expected to be delayed throughout the week. Snow fell as far south as Charlesteon, S.C.
     Amtrak said some service had resumed late this morning between Boston and New York, but many other trains were stopped by snow on the tracks.
     Some people were trapped for 6 hours on a New York City subway due to ice on the tracks, according to National Public Radio.
     Parts of coastal New Jersey got more than 30 inches, but the snowfall totals diminished as the storm blew north, though the winds and cold did not.
     Even the NFL, proud of its legendary ice bowl games, called off a Sunday night game in Philadelphia because of the storm, which dumped more than a foot of snow on the city. The Eagles will take on the Vikings Tuesday night.
     The worst of the storm had blown through New York City and parts south by late Monday morning. Washington, D.C., largely escaped.
     Southern Vermont was still being raked by fierce winds at 11:30 a.m., and the temperature had risen to 13 degrees. Snow accumulation was difficult to estimate, as the cold northwest winds scoured exposed areas and piled the snow elsewhere in drifts.
All New Jersey Federal Courts were closed this morning – in Camden, Trenton and Newark – as were the Federal and Superior Courts in Hartford, Conn.

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