Blacks Claim SoCal Edison Discriminates

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Southern California Edison violated two consent decrees ordering it to stop discriminating against its black workers, a third class action claims in Superior Court. The class claims SoCal Edison violated the settlements of claims filed in 1974 and 1994, in which it promised to take “affirmative steps” to hire and promote black workers.
     Those class actions, like this one, claimed that SoCal Edison discriminated against black workers in promotions, pay and raises, and in responding to their requests for transfers.
     But “Edison’s commitment to that consent decree was short-lived and their disparate treatment of and discrimination against African American workers continued,” according to the new complaint.
     The class claims that the number of Edison’s black employees has declined, due to Edison’s continuing racial harassments and discrimination. The black workers who remain are harassed, denied promotion and paid unfairly, according to the complaint.
     The 11 named plaintiffs seek punitive damages for the class, and an end to racial harassments and discrimination.
     They are represented by Charles Mathews of San Marino.

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