Biden & Warren Lead With Democrats in Fox News Poll

(CN) – Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts continue to lead the pack of Democratic candidates for President, according to a Fox News poll.

Biden enjoys 32% support from primary voters, a three-point bump since Fox News’ September poll. Warren takes second place in the poll at 22%, a six-point surge and a record high for her in Fox News polls. Taken together, these two candidates command more than half of voter support from Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont rounded out the top three at 17%, a one-point drop from last month. No other Democratic candidate for president cracked double-digit support in the poll, with California Senator Kamala Harris at 5%, South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg at 4% and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke at 3%.

The poll also found that in head-to-head matchups against President Donald Trump, the top three Democratic candidates hold significant leads. Both Biden and Warren beat the president by points in a one-on-one scenario, 50%-40%, while Sanders beats the president by nine points, 49%-40%.

Trump’s numbers are much stronger among Republican primary voters. Over two-thirds of Republicans would prefer to keep Trump as their party’s nominee in the 2020 election, with only 17% saying they would like to see a new candidate.

Polling data on Trump’s trustworthiness, however, shows most voters don’t believe Trump to be an honest figure. The Fox News poll reports that 63% of voters say they don’t see Trump as honest and trustworthy; 35% of voters do.

The leading Democratic candidates, however, enjoy stronger numbers on the issue of honesty. Bernie Sanders leads with 59% of voters seeing him as an honest person, compared to the 36% that view him as dishonest. Warren and Biden round out the honesty contest with 50% and 48% of voters viewing them as honest, respectively.

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