Biden Decries Trump Conduct as ‘Outrageous’

President-elect Joe Biden participates in a meeting with the National Governors Association’s executive committee Thursday in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

(CN) — President-elect Joe Biden expressed increasing frustration with President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the election results, continuing to maintain the lack of cooperation is endangering his incoming administration’s ability to address the pandemic.

“(Trump) will go down as one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history,” Biden said during a press conference at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware Thursday afternoon. “It’s a damaging message to the rest of the world about how democracy functions.”

Trump has continued to call the election results illegitimate, saying the election was beset by a massive scheme that involved Democrats in several cities stuffing ballot boxes, dead people voting and the use of voting machines that were manipulated to produce dubious results.

Those allegations have all been made without evidence, although there have been and always are incidents of dead people’s votes being cast by relatives or friends. Typically, this happens at such a small scale as to be irrelevant to the overall results.

Trump’s lawyers have focused on arguments that poll watchers being prevented from close enough access should invalidate results and have minimized the generalized accusations of fraud Trump continues to espouse via his Twitter feed.

Biden at first expressed dismissive confidence regarding Trump’s actions but has since grown increasingly frustrated, saying a smooth transition is important in the middle of spiking coronavirus cases around the country.

Trump plans to meet with members of the Michigan Legislature Friday at the White House. There have been discussions about how the Michigan Board of Canvassers, who certify the statewide vote could delay certification, ensuring it would fall to the Michigan state Legislature to certify.

There has been talk that Trump will encourage the Republican-dominated Legislature to appoint its own electors that would cast the state’s 16 electoral votes for Trump despite Biden maintaining a commanding lead of more than 150,000 votes in the state.

Biden dismissed the gambit as nonsense on Thursday.

“It’s just outrageous what he is doing,” Biden said. “We won Michigan and it’s going to be certified.”

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield, both Republicans, have said they will make no changes to the manner in which Michigan certifies votes.

Both men are scheduled to fly to the White House on Friday.

State lawmakers in Arizona have begun to call for a special session to investigate allegations of voter fraud in that state. However, that state appears to be on track to certify its vote by Monday.

All but one county have certified their tallies.

Certification has always been largely a formality, but Trump has waged an unprecedented war on the voting system, which his allies claim are long overdue.

Critics on the other hand, say the attacks are the actions of a desperate man who is eager to salvage his ego after a brutal electoral defeat and is sullying American democracy in the process.

Biden was asked if he was willing to litigate to gain access to documents and plans necessary for an orderly transition.

The president-elect said he preferred to work with colleagues across the aisle to achieve a consensus about how to move forward. However, he did not take litigation off the table.

“We haven’t ruled it out,” he said.

Biden also announced that he has chosen his Treasury secretary, but would not name his pick until next week.

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