Bicycle ‘Broke Apart’ Under Him, Man Says

     SEATTLE (CN) – A man claims he suffered permanent spinal cord injuries when his REI bicycle “broke apart underneath him” as he rode it. James Osborne says the 2006 Novara Team Trionfo triple-butted aluminum frame with carbon stays broke in three places.

Osborne had the bike serviced at REI 2 months before the accident, he says in his complaint in King County Court.
     “Defendant REI could have had the 2006 ‘Novara Team Trionfo’ bicycles assembled with stronger, more elastic, resilient and shock absorbing, and fatigue resistant main triangle frame top and down tubes by changing the contractual specifications with the manufacturer,” according to the complaint.
     Also named in the complaint are Fairly Bike Manufacturing Co., Gruppo S.p.A., Mavic SAS and Fung Tien Electric Co.
     Osborne seeks general and special damages for himself and his family for product liability and breach of implied warranty.
     He is represented by Jeffery Campiche with Campiche Blue & Le.
     The complaint does not state how much Osborne paid for his 2006 racing bike, and the REI Web page this morning did not provide details, stating that the latest model of the bike was sold out.

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