Bernard Madoff Spinoffs

Fairfield Sentry Limited demands $919 million from Fairfield Greenwich Group, and others, for “management fees” it claims to have paid in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, in New York County Court.

     Here are the defendants in the Fairfield case: Fairfield Greenwich Group, Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda) Limited, Fairfield Greenwich Advisors LLC, Fairfield Greenwich Limited, Fairfield International Managers Inc., Walter M. Noel Jr., Jeffrey Tucker, Andres Piedrahita, Amit Vijayvergiya, Brian Francouer, Lourdes Barrenche, Cornelis Boele, Philip Toub, Richard Landsberger, Charles Murphy, Andrew Smith, Daniel Lipton, Mark McKeefry, Harold Greisman, Santiago Reyes, Jacqueline Harary, Robert Blum, Corina Noel Piedrahita, and Maria Teresa Pulido Mendoza.

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