Bernard Madoff Spinoffs

Kingate Management and others lost $3.5 billion in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scam, Criterium Capital Funds and four other plaintiffs claim in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Here are the parties in the Kingate case: Criterium Capital Funds B.V., BBF Trust, Wall Street Securities S.A., Banca Arner S.A., and Alvaro Castillo v. Bernard L. Madoff, Kingate Management Ltd., Tremont (Bermuda) Ltd., Fim Advisers LLP, Citi Hedge Fund Services Ltd., Graham Cook, John Epps, Sandra Manzke, Charles Sebah, Keith Bish, Christopher Wetherhill, Michael Tannenbaum, Phillip Evans, Margaret Every, Shazieh Salahuddin, Johann Wong, and Preston Davis.
     In a second case, First Trust Corporation Retirement Accounts, Fiserv Trust Co., Trust Industrial Bank, Lincoln Trust Co. and others lost millions of dollars in “self-directed IRA” accounts, in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, a class action claims in Denver Federal Court.

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