Belgium Fined $5K a Day for Telecom Failings

(CN) – Europe’s top court fined Belgium on Monday to the tune of $5,600 a day for noncompliance with rules on high-speed electronic communications networks.

The European Commission highlighted the failures at issue in 2017, accusing Belgium of having failed to both fully transpose the directive or notify the national transposing measures.

In light of the progress made by Belgium in transposing the directive since the action was brought, the amount of the penalty payment was reduced to about €6,000 euros, down from €54,639. Shortcomings persisted, however, in the Brussels-Capital region.

The Court of Justice ruled today that Belgium had neither adopted the measures necessary to ensure the transposition of the directive nor notified the measures transposing it and that Belgium has therefore failed to fulfill its obligations under the directive.

A copy of the ruling is not available in English.

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