Beef From Downer Cattle Cited in Lloyd’s Claim

     SEATTLE (CN) – Lloyd’s of London refused to indemnify a sausage company for losses it suffered in recalling meat contaminated from sick or “downer” cattle, Oberto Sausage Co. claims in King County Court.

     Oberto says two employees of Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges for forcing sick cows to slaughter without a vet inspection. That amounts to “malicious product tampering,” and should be covered by Lloyd’s Oberto says.
     Oberto claims that the contamination was intentional. It cites an undercover video that the Humane Society shot at the Hallmark/Westland plant in Chino, Calif. The video allegedly shows workers pushing downed cows with forklifts and “waterboarding” the animals to force them to the slaughterhouse.
     Oberto seeks damages from Lloyd’s and underwriter Professional Indemnity Agency for breach of contract and bad faith. It is represented by Joseph Bringman with Perkins Coie.

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