Batmobile Demanded From Gotham’s Garage

     NEW ORLEANS (CN) – Gotham’s Garage owes a philanthropist $85,000 for failing to build and deliver a custom 66 Batmobile he ordered for a 2008 Halloween party for kids at the New Orleans Children’s Hospital, Michael Hunt claims Federal Court.

     Hunt says he paid company owner Mark Towle $85,000 to build the car, but “the vehicle has not been completed, has not been delivered, and Defendant has failed and refused to provide Plaintiff with a date, time and place where he or his representative can inspect the vehicle.”
     Hunt demands a refund plus interest, along with an award for the alleged emotional distress, embarrassment and humiliation he suffered.
     He is represented by Lisa Brener with Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard.

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