Drawn on the side of a garage in Port Talbot, Wales, this Banksy mural photographed on Dec, 20, 2018, depicts a child dressed for snow playing in the falling ash and smoke from a skip fire. An Essex art dealer reported buying the artwork on Jan. 18, 2019, for a “six-figure sum,” but says the mural will stay in its current location for about two years. (Ben Birchall/PA FILE via AP)

LONDON — John Brandler of Brandler Galleries in England said Friday he paid more than $129,000 for a mural stenciled by street artist Banksy on a garage wall in Wales.

The artwork in Port Talbot shows a child playing in falling ash from a dumpster fire, an apparent reference to the steel town’s air pollution.

Brandler said the mural will stay in place for at least two years.

“I want to make Port Talbot a go-to place rather than a go-from place,” he said. “Within a short time I’m thinking of bringing five or six more Banksys to Port Talbot. Let’s do an exhibition.”

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