Bambu Smokes Competing Clothier

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Bambu Sales, makers of Bambu rolling papers and associated clothing, claims Love Fatigues is selling “Obama” clothing imprinted with copies of Bambu’s distinctive trade dress, exposing Bambu to contumely, as some of the “Obama” insignia depict President-elect Barack Obama smoking marijuana.

     Bambu claims to be “one of the world’s 1,000 oldest companies,” opening in 1764.
     Since before the American Revolution, “Bambu has led the rolling paper industry in standard and style,” the company claims. It also sells clothing using its Bambu trademarks.
     Bambu also sued Seamus McGovern, who, like his co-defendant, is based in White Plains, N.Y.
     Bambu demands an accounting, destruction of the offending damages, an injunction and damages. It is represented in Federal Court by Brad Rose with Pryor Cashman.

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