Bail Set at $2,500 for|Angry Flight Attendant

     (CN) – JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass for allegedly telling off a passenger and then sliding out the plane’s emergency chute at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday. His bail is set at $2,500.

     Authorities say Slater quit his job in dramatic fashion after a passenger insulted him and then apparently struck him on the head while removing a bag from the overhead compartment.
     Slater, 38, allegedly got on the plane’s intercom and announced: “To the passenger who called me a mother f-cker, f-ck you!”
     He reportedly added, “I’ve been in the business 28 years. That’s it. I’m done,” and then grabbed two beers, deployed the plane’s evacuation slide, tossed down his carry-on bags and slid out.
     Slater is being hailed as a hero by many in the online community, and his dramatic exit has sparked several fan pages on Facebook and interview offers from CNN, “The Today Show,” ABC and others.
     He was arrested Tuesday at his home in Queens.
     A Queens Supreme Court judge scheduled a conference for Sept. 7 and set Slater’s next hearing for Sept. 21.

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