Bail Bondsmen Accused of Torture

FESTUS, Mo. (CN) – Three bail bondsmen are accused of torturing a bail jumper they picked up. Police said the bondsmen wiped pepper spray on the man’s genitals and under his eyes while he was handcuffed this month. One bondsman threatened to rape the man, then the bondsmen gave him a warm washcloth to wipe off the spray, which made the pain worse, according to court documents.

     Later, the men drove the man around for a few hours with the heat on high and offered him cold water for oral sex, according to court documents.
     Charged with felony restraint and misdemeanor assault are Sean Baker, 33, of Festus; Kevin Ritrovato, 28, of Arnold; and Shawn Boyer, 38, of Jackson. All are free on bond.
     The bondsmen picked up the man in St. Louis. The man claims he went willingly and was wanted for a probation violation and for bail jumping on a theft charge.
     Bail bondsmen are allowed extraordinary latitude in arresting suspects.

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