Baggage Handlers Busted in Airport Drug Sting

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Baggage handlers at Oakland International Airport have been arrested and charged for using their security clearances to get drugs to passengers for transport nationwide, the Justice Department said Tuesday.
     In a criminal complaint partially unsealed on Tuesday, federal prosecutors allege that the baggage handlers were part of a larger drug trafficking organization and used their security clearances to get marijuana to the secure air operations area at the Oakland airport.
     From there, the handlers would pass the drugs to knowing passengers who had already passed through Transportation Security Administration security checkpoints. The passengers then carried the drugs onboard in carry-on luggage for eventual sale at their destinations, the Justice Department said.
     The scheme has been going on since at least July 2012, according to federal prosecutors.
     Baggage handlers Kenneth Fleming, Keith Mayfield and Michael Videau have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute 100 or more kilograms of marijuana.
     The accused passenger-mules include Major Session III, Clyde Jamerson, Kameron Eldridge Davis, Ronnell Molton, Francisco Carrasco, Sophia West and others. All face the same charges.
     Money from the drug sales was allegedly deposited into the accounts of Ahshatae Millhouse, Laticia Morris, Donald Holland II and others, federal prosecutors said.
     Brandon Davillier of Louisiana also faces charges for receiving the contraband cargo for distribution.
     All have been arrested except Carrasco, Davillier and Millhouse, who remain at large.
     The defendants face up to 40 years in federal prison and a $5 million fine. The offense carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years.

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