Bag Maker Stole $19 M

MANHATTAN (CN) – The former CFO of a Tommy Hilfiger handbag supplier, Martin Bodner, pleaded guilty Monday to stealing more than $19 million from his company. Bodner, 60, admitted arranging for hundreds of checks to be written to himself for phony expenses, secret bonuses and pay raises, and paying $225,000 to his son, a past employee who didn’t work for the company at the time.

     Bodner faces up to 40 years in prison at his Nov. 5 sentencing for federal charges of mail fraud and wire fraud. He agreed to forfeit his Sands Point, N.Y., house, a Manhattan apartment, three cars and other property, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     Bodner worked for Tommy Hilfiger Handbags and Small Leather Goods from 2007 until December 2007.

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