Bad Pot Trip at the Denver County Fair

     DENVER (CN) – Though a chocolatier at the Denver County Fair’s Pot Pavilion assured a visitor there was no THC in its free samples, he got so high from them he projectile vomited on the way to a hospital, the man claims in a class action complaint.
     Jordan Coombs sued edible marijuana chocolatier Beyond Broadway dba Full Melt Chocolate and LivWell, in Denver County District Court.
     “This civil action is for personal injuries arising from the defendants’ negligent distribution of marijuana-infused chocolate bars under the guise that they contained no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive constituent (or cannabinoid) of this cannabis plant,” Coombs says in the lawsuit.
     “Plaintiff complains, inter alia, that Broadway gave him several pieces of chocolate at the Pot Pavilion at the Denver County Fair and was expressly told by Broadway representatives that the chocolate contained no THC. Upon ingesting the chocolate the plaintiff experienced and overdosed on THC causing him to become seriously and physically ill requiring treatment and evaluation at the emergency room.”
     Coombs claims that after he ate the chocolate he felt so strange he had to leave the fair. His wife drove him to the hospital and “during the drive away from the Denver County Fair, the plaintiff became so sick that he projectile vomited uncontrollably in his car,” the complaint states. The vomit was so bad that that car required “professional cleaning.”
     Coombs claims physicians in the emergency room diagnosed him as overdosing on THC, which they detected in his blood.
     Coombs seeks class certification and damages for product liability, breach of warranty, negligence, failure to label and negligent misrepresentation.
     He is represented by Corey Zurbuch with Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, of Boulder.

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