Bad Deals at Wal-Mart

     (CN) – A Florida woman says a black snake “long enough that it hung down below her knee” bit her arm in the garden center at Walmart and held on with its fangs. While a woman in Philadelphia says Walmart shoppers sprayed so much perfume at the make-up counter that she slipped in a puddle of the stuff.

     The snakebite victim, Marion Jarrell, sued Wal-Mart in Duval County Court, Jacksonville. She claims that as she picked up a plant in the store’s garden center, a big black snake bit her forearm and “attached itself to her with its fangs.”
     She says the snake “was long enough that it hung down below her knee” and it became more aggressive as she tried to shake it loose.
     Jarrell says the snake wrapped itself around her leg. She was able to pry it loose but as she shook her leg to remove it completely, she hit her knee on a plant display table, further injuring herself.
     She and her husband seek damages for negligence and loss of consortium. They are represented by Carlton “Duke” Fagan.
     In Philadelphia, Renee Johnson-Ghee says she was deterred from visiting the health and beauty aisle by two women who were spraying generous amounts of body sprays and perfumes onto themselves and around the aisle.
     After shopping in another aisle, Johnson-Ghee says returned to the health and beauty aisle, to find the women were still there, and still coating themselves in beauty products. This time, she says, she did not have the chance to flee the aisle, because glossy coating of body sprays and perfumes on the floor made her slip and fall, hurting her ankle, knee and hip.
     Renee Johnson-Ghee seeks damages in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas for lost earning power and medical expenses. She is represented by Bobbie Ann Thornburg with Feinberg & Silva.

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