Backer Says Mötley Crue’s Booker Rolled Him

     DALLAS (CN) – An Argentine concert promoter claims the Dallas-based organizer for Mötley Crue’s South American tour took a $150,000 deposit to book the band for a show in Buenos Aires, but didn’t produce the band and kept the money.
     Buenos Aires promoter Ariel Vigo says Gabe Reed promised to book the band for $300,000, plus a percentage of the gate.
     Vigo says he deposited $150,000 into Reed’s bank account in January: $100,000 on Jan. 25, and $50,000 on Jan. 26 – and Reed promised to deliver Mötley Crue for a show “on a date between March and May 2011.”
     But the very next day, “On or about January 27, 2011, Reed breached the contract with Vigo and indicated he was still considering offers from other promoters for Mötley Crqe to play in Buenos Aires.”
     Mötley Crue ended up playing two shows in Buenos Aires – on May 19 and 20 – both for a promoter other than Vigo, according to the federal complaint.
     Mötley Crue is not a party to the lawsuit.
     Vigo says Reed promised to return the deposit, but didn’t. He says he lost $2 million in expected profits.
     Vigo seeks damages for fraud and breach of contract from Reed and Gabe Reed Productions.
     Vigo is represented by Patrick Powers and Peyton Healey with Powers Taylor.

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