Baby Funiture Makers Using Formaldehyde

     OAKLAND (CN) – Five baby furniture manufacturers did not warn consumers about dangerously high levels of formaldehyde in their products, said Attorney General Edmund Brown Jr., after tests revealed levels of the carcinogen were far above those specified by health authorities as safe.

     Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and sufficient exposure can also lead to respiratory problems like asthma.
     Tests revealed that children sleeping in cribs made by the companies are exposed to enough of the chemical to suffer from respiratory irritation, after normal household chemical emissions are taken into account.
     In California, manufacturers must clearly warn consumers of any reasonable risks involved in using their products.
     If the companies are found to have not warned about the chemical, they can face a maximum of $2,500 in civil penalties per day for each violation.
     Deputy Attorney General Susan Fiering is leading the prosecution against Child Craft, Delta Enterprise Corp., Stork Craft, South Shore Industries, and Jardine Enterprises.

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