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Lasse Sørensen

Lasse Sørensen

Lasse Sørensen is Courthouse News’ Nordic correspondent. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has previously covered the EU’s development aid sector and written several stories from Southeast Asia. Lasse also works with investigative journalism and is open for international collaborations. A manga reader and major Arsenal fan.

Latest Articles by Lasse Sørensen

Norway signs deal with Indonesia to curb deforestation

The partnership agreement aims to maintain a downward trend in deforestation levels amid plans by the Indonesian government to build a new capital city in a Borneo jungle.

Norway measures record summer heat in Arctic archipelago    

The chain of islands known as Svalbard went through its warmest summer on record this year, causing 44 billion tons of meltwater to run into the ocean.

Supply of 'smelly' fermenting herring not meeting Swedish demand

Low fish catch disappoints Swedes who could not celebrate the yearly tradition of eating surströmming, a fermented herring delicacy known worldwide for its pungent smell.