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Brad Poole

Brad Poole

Brad Poole came to Courthouse News in 2017 from Reuters News Service, where he covered national news in Arizona for six years. After working for Gannett's Tucson Citizen (closed in 2009) for 11 years, he freelanced writing and photography from 2009-17. His work has appeared in People Magazine, Yahoo News, the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Arizona Republic, and dozens of other publications in Arizona and elsewhere. His dogs, Steve and Joey, refuse to get in the pool, but he loves them anyway.

Latest Articles by Brad Poole

Truck driver lobbies Arizona appeals court for return of seized $39,500

Jerry Johnson came to Phoenix last year to buy a truck, he says, but police cried foul and seized his life savings claiming it was drug money.

Forest Service plans to cull Arizona wild horse herd

The federally protected herd near Heber, Arizona is too big to exist alongside cattle and wildlife and will be reduced from 400 to about 100 horses, the Forest Service says.

Judge finds poaching remedies vague in Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now has six months to add specific actions to reduce human-caused deaths among the endangered Southwestern subspecies.