August Haul for Biden Campaign Clocks In at an Astonishing $364 Million

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden arrives Monday at the Allegheny County Airport in West Mifflin, Pa., en route to speak at a campaign event in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

(CN) — Joe Biden’s campaign and joint fundraising committees raked in a record-breaking $364.5 million in August, the campaign announced Wednesday. 

“That figure blows me away,” Biden said in a statement. “And we raised it the right way, from people across the country stepping up to own a piece of this campaign, investing in the future we want to see for our kids and grandkids.” 

The month’s haul broke records for the most money donated in one month to a political campaign, which is believed to have been previously held by Barack Obama who raised $193 million in September 2008 before he was elected president. 

August was a big month for Obama’s erstwhile second in command, with Biden formally accepted the Democratic nomination for president and selecting Kamala Harris to be his running mate. The campaign had raised $48 million within 48 hours of announcing Harris as the VP pick. 

Within the four days of the virtual Democratic National Convention, the campaign raised $70 million. For comparison, it raised $60 million in all of 2019. 

More than 50% of money raised, over $205 million, came from online small-dollar donations, the campaign said. The campaign also noted that over 1.5 million people made first-time donations in August.

“More than anything, these numbers humble me,” former vice president Biden said in a message to supporters. “Even in a global recession, working families set aside some money to power this campaign, and a little bit added up in a big way.”

In July, the Trump campaign outraised Biden by about $25 million, and raised about $76 million during the four days of the Republican National Convention. Trump’s campaign has not yet released fundraising numbers for August.

Biden on Wednesday urged people to keep donating, with just over 60 days until the election.

“But we’re not done yet, there is still much work to do in the nine weeks ahead,” Biden told supporters in a statement. “Trump’s money machine remains, and it’s bolstered by outside, dark money — not grassroots donors like all of you.”

Biden announced Tuesday that the campaign was ramping up its media spending, putting $45 million into television and digital advertisements just this week.

Recent national polls tightened after the conventions ended, with Biden holding a high, single-digit lead over Trump. 

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