Attorneys Accused of Charging Excessive Fee

     AUSTIN (CN) – Attorney Sheldon Richie of Richie & Gueringer P.C. charged an extra $1 million after he stopped representing a client in a wrongful-death action, Roger Rodriguez claims in Travis County Court.

     Rodriguez, whose son was killed in the March 2005 British Petroleum refinery explosion, is also suing Helen Wils of Crain, Caton & James P.C. for allegedly signing the paperwork that allowed Richie to receive money he did not earn.
     Rodriguez claims Richie had simply referred him to another lawyer, John Stevenson, who helped the plaintiff win a settlement. Rodriguez says he agreed to pay Richie a referral fee, but the representation ended there.
     However, Richie and Stevenson came knocking a few months later, after Rodriguez won a “significant settlement” in a survival action, the lawsuit claims. Rodriguez says Richie and Stevenson demanded an additional 40 percent. Wils, who was Rodriguez’s attorney in the probate case, allegedly agreed to give it to them without her client’s consent.
     Rodriguez is represented by Tracy Willi.

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