Attorney Suspended|for Sexual Misconduct

(CN) – A 76-year-old New York attorney was suspended for six months for allegedly asking a client for oral sex and for inappropriately touching his secretary.

     The First Appellate Division in New York suspended Allen H. Isaac in light of secretly taped evidence of a meeting and two telephone conversations with a former client. He was charged with asking the client for oral sex, and for making suggestive comments to his secretary and inappropriately touching her.
     He also called one of the appellate judges a “prick,” according to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee.
     The referee of Isaac’s disciplinary hearing recommended a two-year suspension. Isaac asked that he receive a public censure, and the disciplinary committee pushed for his disbarment.
     In a per-curiam decision, the appellate division settled on a six-month suspension.
     “Disbarment has been imposed for conduct far more egregious than the very troubling conduct at issue here. However, we reject respondent’s position that a public censure is appropriate. His testimony at the hearing, and his arguments here, reveal a disturbing lack of comprehension as to the depth and extent of his misconduct,” the justices wrote.
     They said they took into account Isaac’s “age and his long and unblemished record practicing law” for 52 years.

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