Attorney Sues Trump for Financial Disclosure

WASHINGTON (CN) — In a federal complaint against President Donald Trump, a K Street attorney wants “to compel compliance by the president with the financial disclosure requirements of the Ethics in Government Act,” specifically, how much he owes and to whom.

Filing suit on March 14, Jeffrey Lovitky wants Trump to fully disclose his personal financial obligations, which were reported, in part, in May 2016 when he was a presidential candidate.

“The purpose of these disclosure requirements is to allow members of the public to make informed judgments as to whether candidates for federal office have financial conflicts of interests that may impair their ability to faithfully execute their duties as public servants,” Lovitky says in the complaint.

He added in an interview: “Trump’s failure to identify his personal financial liabilities makes it more difficult for voters to make informed judgments on Trump’s decision-making.

“The crux of the case is that the federal disclosures appear to commingle his personal obligations with his business liabilities, and he should identify which is which.

“First, it is what the law requires, so the public can have information that is relevant to the issue of whether or not Trump’s liabilities may be affecting his decisions.”

Lovitky said that he is confident in the suit’s viability and hopes the injunction he has requested will force Trump to come clean on what his personal obligations are.

A spokesperson for Trump did not return a request for comment.

K Street in Washington, D.C., was a longtime center of major lobbying groups, and still is home to advocacy organizations and think tanks.

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