Attorney Couple Wins Legal Fees Over Royal Tiff

     DOVER, Del. (CN) – A married couple of British lawyers are entitled to 80 percent of their legal fees, as they have become embroiled in a feud between the Sultan of Brunei and his brother, the Delaware Court of Chancery ruled.

     Faith Zaman and her husband, Thomas Derbyshire, shared broad control over the U.S. assets of Prince Jefri, the brother of the Sultan of Brunei.
     The brothers have battled over various assets for years. The Derbyshires fell out of favor with the prince when they stopped directing profits from the New York Palace Hotel to pay the daily expenses of its owner, the prince.
     Vice Chancellor Strine said the defendants failed to appear in court and later attempted to shift their arguments and allege new facts during the trial.
     “This move was, I find, unfair and procedurally improper,” Strine wrote.
     In addition to granting the attorney’s fees, Strine also granted the Derbyshires indemnification from a dismissed federal lawsuit against them.

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