Attorney Accused of Grand Jury Tampering

     LOS ANGELES (CN) A California attorney has been accused of charging a client $100,000 for advising the client to lie in front of a federal grand jury on an immigration fraud cases.

     Prosecutors accuse attorney Alfred Nash Villalobos of soliciting cash payments in exchange for coaching a witness in an immigration fraud case to lie to the U.S. attorney and federal grand jury. In addition to cash, Villalobos also agreed to accept a “fraudulent charitable donation” and other compensation.
      At a meeting in a Century City law firm August 4th, Villalobos agreed to accept $50,000 in cash from another attorney who was cooperating with federal authorities, according to a Department of Justice release. The payment was allegedly the first installment of a bribe totaling $107,000.
     Villalobos was arrested by the FBI following the meeting in Century City. He was indicted again Friday by the District Court in Central California on charges of endeavoring to obstruct justice and interfering with commerce by extortion.

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