ATM Biz Took $17 Million, Investors Say

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Vance Moore and his business, Exclusive Properties Group, defrauded investors of $16.8 million by selling “non-existent,” “phantom” ATM machines, the investors claim in a federal RICO complaint.

     Moore, of Fruitland, Fla., and Raleigh, N.C., allegedly was aided by Walter Netschi, of Hot Springs, Ark., and McKinney, Texas, and Netschi’s business, ATM Capital.
     Here are the defendants: Vance Moore; Exclusive Properties Group Inc.; Walter Netschi; 36 Main St. LLC; ATM Capital Inc.; Danielle Jones; Alain Brossman aka Harry Brossman; and William Munier.
     Moore also is known as Vance Moore II and Vance Moore Jr.
     Danielle Jones is Netschi’s daughter.
     Here are the plaintiffs: Automated Teller Machine Advantage LLC; The Abraham Wolfson 1983 Trust; The Aaron Wolfson 1983 Trust; The Aliza Wolfson Safier 1983 Trust; The Rebecca Wolfson 1983 Trust; The Daniel Wolfson 1983 Trust; and The Elisheva Wolfson 1983 Trust.

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