Atlanta Schools Sued on Classmate Conduct

ATLANTA (CN) – An Atlanta couple is suing the Clayton County school system saying their daughter was sexually assaulted by a classmate who, despite a meeting between the parents and the homeroom teacher, was allowed to continue sitting next to the girl and to continue molesting her.

     According to the Federal Court complaint, J.D., a minor and first grade student, was sexually assaulted by another first grade student who sat next to her in class. The student penetrated his classmate’s vagina with his fingers.
     Following the incident, the parents met with the students’ homeroom teacher who assured the couple that the student had “been reprimanded, sent to counseling and was being separated from [the student].”
     However, the student continued to sit next to J.D. in class and repeatedly sexually assaulted J.D. and threatened her that she would get in trouble if she reported his behavior. After J.D. reported the abuse to an art teacher, she was ‘chastised’ by the art teacher and told to remain quiet, according to the complaint.
Despite another meeting with school officials, the students continue to share classes together, according to the complaint. The plaintiffs are represented by Bret Thrasher of Thompson, O’Brien, Kemp & Nasuti P.C.

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