Astor’s Son Loses Fight| To Toss Conviction

     NEW YORK (CN) – A judge on Thursday dismissed allegations that a juror was threatened by another into convicting Brooke Astor’s son for defrauding his mother, socialite Brooke Astor.

     New York Supreme Court Justice A. Kirke Bartley Jr. upheld Anthony Marshall’s conviction in October of grand larceny and other charges after he had his mother change her while even though she was incompetent. He also was accused of giving himself a $1 million raise for managing his socialite mother’s money.
     Brooke Astor was 105 when she died in 2007.
     Marshall, 86, asked the judge to toss the conviction, claiming he wasn’t given a fair trial after a juror allegedly claimed she was pressured by other jurors into convicting Marshall and his co-defendant, Francis Morrissey.
     The judge dismissed the allegations.
     Marshall was sentenced to one to three years. He’s out on bail.     

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