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Assorted Odd Thoughts

Brief thoughts on odd topics.

THE CACHET OF FOREIGNERS. It was strange enough that a lot of people kept insisting that President Barack Obama wasn't an American citizen, but this sentence from Drake v. Obama, a ruling of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, was even stranger:

"The District Court assumed, without deciding, that plaintiffs who were political candidates in the 2008 election could potentially show an injury-in-fact based on their claim that they were denied a fair competition during the election because they had to compete with someone was ineligible to be President."


Running against foreigners is a disadvantage?

We're so sick of American politicians that we'd vote for some guy from another continent just because they're from another continent?

Now that I think about it, I guess I would vote for someone who didn't speak English.

SECURITY ISSUE. An odd thing happened to me this holiday season. I bought a clothing item for my wife at a local Macy's and, as I was leaving the store, I heard something that sounded like a security alarm.

I'd just paid for the item, so I wasn't worried. No one came running after me.

When the wife opened the package later we found the store security tag firmly attached.


Not long after this, I got a gift from a friend in a Macy's box (the gift, not the friend). Inside was a very nice sweater - attached to a security tag.

I'm not exactly sure what this means but you might want to think about shorting Macy's stock.

DREAM TEAM. I've shared my doubts about the Americans Elect concept before, but I have to admit they've come up with something I like a lot.

To wit: "A nonpartisan ticket on the 2012 ballot. Americans Elect finalists must choose a VP from a party other than their own."

Chortle. Yeah, that's likely to happen.

Imagine the possible pairings.

Barack Obama/Herman Cain - Obama brings the beer. Cain brings the pizza.

Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich - strong principles and short jokes.

Anthony Weiner/Herman Cain - The Party Party. The jokes write themselves.

Michelle Bachman/Barney Frank - Their supporters could protest each other. You save organizing time and money that way.

Al Franken/Dennis Miller - Even if they don't get elected, they could keep on touring.

Have fun coming up with your own pairings - and let Americans Elect know about them.

A USE FOR LEGAL TRAINING. How is law school like cooking school?

Well, law schools, just like cooking schools have been, may get sued by former students. A law firm called LeClairRyan has issued a press release warning us that there may be a wave of litigation against law schools for giving students the impression they actually might be able to make money as lawyers.

The wonderful thing about this, of course, is that the out-of-work lawyers are providing more work for the working lawyers who have taken the jobs they can't get.

I suppose the potential plaintiffs could give themselves jobs suing the law schools themselves, but then they'd have jobs and that would probably weaken their cases.

I expect to see some mothers and nagging spouses added as co-defendants.

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