Assistant Says Boss Spied Through Peephole

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – An administrative assistant’s 78-year-old boss spied on her through a peephole in the women’s bathroom at work, Ann Maher claims in Federal Court.

     Maher, 58, claims that Gerald Kates, her boss at Advertiser’s Press, decided to lay off everyone in the office in June 2007 except her, another office assistant and a printing press operator.
     She claims she began to suspect that Kates was spying on her, because he left his desk and went to the men’s restroom each time she left to use the women’s restroom.
     Determined to find out what was going on, Maher says she started investigating.
     “Maher saw a small ray of light coming through the wall,” the lawsuit says. “When she looked closer, she observed a peephole in the wall and an eyeball staring through the hole.”
     Maher says she immediately exited and waited for Kates to come out of the men’s room, which shared a wall with the ladies’ room. When he opened the door, Maher allegedly saw a tile removed from the wall and a step ladder underneath.
     She says she confronted him about it, and he replied, “If you tell anyone, I will say I was checking the vents.”
     Maher quit and reported the incident to the police. Kates pleaded guilty to breach of privacy.
     The plaintiff seeks back pay and other damages. She is represented by Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy P.C.

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