As Trump Threatens Election Meddlers, Russia Says ‘So What?’

PARIS (AP) — President Donald Trump is finally making moves against foreign election meddling — and Russia says it couldn’t care less.

Trump’s executive order this week authorizing sanctions on foreigners who mess with American elections could herald new headaches for Moscow, after extensive accusations that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

But Russian officialdom shrugged off Trump’s order as internal U.S. politicking.

Analysts say it would barely bruise Russia’s economy and do little to deter interference in the race for November’s midterms, since Russia denies meddling anyway.

A Russian PR agent who runs a provocative U.S. website says the executive order isn’t denting his resolve to expand in the next few months.

The order authorizes sanctions against foreign entities that interfere with things like voter databases or tabulation equipment, or distribute disinformation or propaganda.

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